Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long Beach Comic-Con

Corinna and I going the be at the first Long Beach Comic-Con this weekend, Oct 2-4 in Artist's Alley, Table 74A. Something tells me, it's way in the back.

I'll be drawing $30 ink sketches for anybody who wants one...and is willing to part with $30. We'll also have copies of our OGN Heathetown to sell and sign.

If you're in the SoCal area please drop by!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Schedule

Hello everyone!

Corinna and I are heading down to SDCC. Here is a list of the signings:

Gabriel & Corinna signing @ Image/Shadowine booth:
Friday. JULY 24 5PM - 6PM
Saturday, JULY 25 4PM-5PM


Ape Entertainment Booth

Saturday, JULY 25, 1PM -


I'm also going to be on a panel focusing on Motion Picture Illustrators who also draw comics including Trevor Goring and Benton Jew. Saturday, JULY 25



See you there!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Heroes Con 2009 in Charlotte, NC

Hello Everybody, 
Gabriel Hardman here, artist on Agents of Atlas for Marvel and my creator owned graphic novel 
Heathentown from Image/Shadowline. I'm going to be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this weekend sharing Booth #530 with Ken Marcus of Super Human Resources. If anybody plans on attending, drop by and say hello. 

I enjoy doing con sketches and hope I get the chance to do a bunch of them over the weekend. Here's what I'm charging:

Head Sketch (9x12, Pen and Ink): $10

Full Figure Character Sketch (9x12, Pen and Ink): $30 additional characters $10

Hope to see you there!